The international student community in Australia is an integral part of the country’s economy. Through the fees they pay and, the economic activity they generate by working, they are significant contributors to the income for the country. But, when the COVID19 pandemic hit Australia, and the nation was locked down, they were one of the first set of people to be severely affected financially. Most businesses were shut down immediately, which led to many international students losing their jobs. Also, the ban on overseas travel made it impossible for them to return home. So, the international students have been stranded in the country without any means to make ends meet. Though the universities in Australia have announced various financial support packages to support their students, it required the government to come in and lend a helping hand.

Bowing to the many strong voices that urged the government of Australia to support international students, the federal and state governments have now come up with plans to assist students financially. The latest announcement is from the government of Victoria.

The state government of Victoria has set up an exclusive $45 million fund for international students in the state.

Over 40000 international students registered to study in Victoria are eligible for a relief payment of $1100 to cover their necessary living expenses.

Apart from this relief payment, the 150000 international students living in Victoria are eligible for the government’s rent relief program which offers subsidies up to $2000.

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International students who have legal working rights in the state but had lost their jobs in the pandemic situation can apply for a new job through the ‘Working for Victoria’ initiative.

Working for Victoria