Team of experts help international students to study in abroad


Reach your goals with Overseas Student Help Services

After all, we’ve been helping students from beyond the world to grasp their dreams of international education.

We enact and enroll for the top universities and educational institutions in the world. We attempt end-to end counseling and application management services for students considering to study in Australia.

If you are fervent on international education, we are here to make it turn out for you.

Whether you are already studying abroad or are striving to we can avail with:

  • Selecting the right institution from the hundreds that we work with across the world
  • Advising you on the best course and career payoff
  • Handling your application process and Support you with course applications and lease for your offer letter with the institution of your choice
  • Help you apply for admissible scholarships based on your eligibility to lessen the cost of studying
  • Prepare your visa applications and assist you abide them with the relevant authorities in the country you are choosing to study in
    Arrange your travel, accommodation and more

We’ll even keep in touch with you once you’re settled in your location of choice to make sure everything is ok and if you need extra help at any point of your course just remember us we are always there to help you out.

Our consultants are experienced education professionals

Need guidance finding the right course, indulging your applications or unsure about visa requirements? All of our certified and friendly counselors have been international students themselves and know the primitive the challenges and opportunities you will come across.

So, you can be confident that we can help you with your education:

  • We’re professional, experienced, dedicated to your success and have helped hundreds of students just like you.
  • We speak your language. In fact, Overseas student help services staff speaks different languages so you are sure to find someone happy to talk to you in a language you are most comfortable with
  • We handle your application process end-to-end and starting with course and provider selection to application and collaborating for your offer
  • Our registered migration agents can help put together the required paperwork for you and see it through on your behalf
  • Wherever you want to go, we can get you there through our network of partner institutes and offices

Who we are

We are one of the world’s fastest growing education agencies

Trusting an education bureau with your future can be hard. We have been there, we know and hence Overseas student help services is on a pursuit of helping international students with their studies.

Almost all our Education instructors have been international students at some point in their lives, so we really understand what it’s like to be seeing international study.

We take the time to understand your education, migration and career goals and then avail you make them turn out. Here is why you need to contact us:
We’ve got pioneer experience in international study (so we know what you’re going through) and have helped many students just like you.

Our fully certified and experienced team will be here to lead you through every step of the way from analyzing your goals to suggesting and applying for a course and institute with best career aftermath for you.

We can account costs by finding scholarships and a lot of universities can waive off application fees when you apply through us.

From history to engineering, hospitality to biology, we can make your study dreams a reality through our partner institutions. We enact and recruit students for 500+ top universities and institutes globally

Guiding your every step in international education

At Overseas student help services, all our team members are highly certified and experienced in international tertiary study and hold relevant qualifications for effective education instructing.

We work on behalf as an independent ideal of over 500 top universities and educational institutions beyond the globe that we’ve surveyed, giving you a ample range of choices backed by an intimate knowledge of each institution.

Our experience and partnerships will help you go a long way

We’ve been helping from all around the world to recognize their dreams of studying abroad and have industry partnerships and local know how to assist you get setup with things like banking, insurance, accommodation and more.

We take care of everything for you

As your education associate, we can take care of everything from advising you on course selection and applications to help you secure the correct visa. We’ve developed strong working relationships with many of our university partners, and can even offer scholarships to deserving students to help neutralize some of the costs studying abroad.

Choosing Overseas Student Help Services as your study associate means you can focus on outlining your new life while we will take care of all the paperwork.